Canon Noordkaap Challenge

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Over the recent years, Reinier joined the Noordkaap Challenge on multiple occasions. The trip is supported by Canon. A 7.000 kilometre roadtrip from The Netherlands to the most northern point of the European continent: the North Cape. In cold, mid-winter conditions, I’ve produced several series of content for online, social media, TV, press, print etc…

The challenge raises money for Holland’s most famous charity event, the 3FM Serious Request, organised by radio channel 3FM. The challenge is one of the biggest contributors to the Serious Request.

Content has been distributed online, gaining publicity and informing and entertaining the challenge community, gaining millions of views.

At some point we were herding reindeer with an Aston Martin.

Imagine a ice cold winter landscape to produce amazing content. That the Noordkaap Challenge. On the road I produced content (with video, photo, drone, GoPro’s etc…) for the social channels of Canon (The Netherlands & Europe), the Noordkaap Challenge, Radio channel 3FM and several other partners.

With a Facebook page of around 4000 likes, we often had a reach of over 100.000 on the official Challenge page, and via partners even more.
FOR: Canon, Noordkaap Challenge, 3FM
WHERE: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland
WHAT: Photography, Video, Drones, Social Media

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After Movie Noordkaap Challenge 2016