UNFPA Liberia


At the height of the Ebola peak, West-Africa faced a lot of difficulties maintaining health and stability in their countries. People were dying on the streets. A state of emergency was uphold. A lot of facets from daily life came to a standstill.

In Liberia, UNFPA was on the forefront of battling Ebola. I was appointed to show the impact the virus that has gripped the nation, and show the efforts of UNFPA in their battle against the disease.

Interviewing a wide number of Ebola victims, many of which barely survived the disease and lost many family members and friends, and visiting project sites where UNFPA added to the efforts resulted in a number of short video productions. Also, we produced text and photography that was printed in L’Edtion Du Soir, a French magazine.


UNFPA used the outcomes of this production project for securing more funds to assist the Ebola backlash. The magazine feature helped to spread awareness.